September to October 1977 Magazine

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Editorial by TUYET NGUYET


Maranao Art and the Aga Khan Museum by LOREN W. FESSLER

Chinese & Islamic Influences in the Philippines by LASZLO LEGEZA

Volk Heritage in Christian Jewellery by MILGAROS DELGADO ENAGE

Philippine Icons by CHRISTIAN ROLL

Antique Beads of the Philippine Islands by ANGELITA G. LEGARDA

Saleroom News by ARTS OF ASIA

(Book Reviews) Manila Trade Pottery Seminar Introductory Notes by ROXANNA BROWN

(Book Reviews) Stone Age Painting in India by SUSHILA JANADAS

Hung Hsien Seal Marks: Which Is Genuine? by H.A. VAN OORT

Manila’s National Costumes Museum by STEPHEN MARKBREITER

Collectors Column by ANNE GODSEY

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